Considering Buying a New Construction Home? 

In today’s thriving, local real estate market, you’ve probably noticed that new home construction is currently booming again. While most home buyers understand the importance and value of hiring a buyer’s agent to represent them when purchasing a resale home, unfortunately, the same is not always true when it comes to buyers considering new construction homes.

There are a variety of reasons why you should hire us to represent you when considering the purchase of a new construction home.  Here are just a few of the more important reasons:

  • Access to Inventory Availability:  We have forged relationships with many local builders, and are on their mailing lists. They keep us updated regarding the status of new developments, as well as, their available inventory of homes and lots. Oftentimes, this information is not available to the public on the internet.
  • WE are YOUR advocates!  Whether new construction or resale homes, many home buyers mistakenly believe that they can get the “best deal” by communicating directly with the listing agent. Unfortunately, what they fail to realize is that the listing agent is charged with looking out for the seller’s best interests, not theirs! As far as the buyer is concerned, at best, the listing agent can only serve as a dual agent (essentially, an impartial mediator between the two sides), NOT as their advocate. We will work diligently as YOUR advocate, helping successfully guide you through the entire process (negotiations, paperwork, inspections, etc).
  • There’s NO COST TO YOU!  In nearly all circumstances, as with resale homes, the buyer’s agent is typically compensated by the seller at closing. As such, you get the benefit of having us working for you, and serving as YOUR advocate and advisor, at NO COST TO YOU!
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST…THE CHARITABLE DONATION!  As mentioned in our Mission Statement, Homes with Heart® Real Estate, Inc. is committed to helping our clients AND the community, AT THE SAME TIME! We donate 10% of our commission from each sale* to the IRS-recognized 501(c)3 charity of our client’s choice, in their name(s)!

Please contact us today, so we can get you on the path to being in your new home ASAP!

*Unless disallowed in conjunction with distressed home sales (short sales, foreclosures, etc.)