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When you are selling your home, it’s CRITICAL to have ALL the relevant market information in order to make a correct pricing decision. If you don’t, you are setting yourself up to get less than true market value for your home!

I review and analyze market information for the Charlotte metro area EVERY DAY. As a homeowner living in Providence Plantation, I spend EVEN MORE time focusing on our community than anywhere else! I don’t just look for and review information that is easily found, I make a significant time investment “digging deep” into the data to find out the ENTIRE STORY.

Other market reports you may have seen do not include some CRITICAL information you “Need to Know”! As a result of this omission, I believe seller price reductions and actual days on market have been significantly understated. Overall, for 2019, seller price reductions were understated on 39 of 81 (or 48%) of the homes sold in Providence Plantation, on average, by approximately $15,000 per home sold. The median price reduction for these 39 homes was $20,000. This difference is not a result of misleading or incorrect reporting, just incomplete information, as a result of not “going the extra mile” to gather ALL the facts.

You have a VERY important decision to make!  Please take a few moments to reflect on the type of  Realtor® you should TRUST to represent you with one of the largest financial investments you own. Do you want someone representing you who is PROACTIVE on your behalf and to your needs, OR REACTIVE, based upon what others are already doing? Do you want someone who ALWAYS goes the extra mile for you, or someone who follows the crowd, and does just enough to get by?

I submit that you should partner with a Realtor® who CONSISTENTLY and PROACTIVELY goes the EXTRA MILE for you, in ALL aspects of the transaction. This is what you deserve and is precisely what I deliver to ALL my clients! Please see the “Mission Statement”, Agent Directory”, “About Us”, and “Testimonials” tabs of our website to find out much more information about why you should trust me and Homes with Heart® Real Estate to represent you.

Finally, there is MUCH more information and resources available to home buyers and sellers on the other sections of our website. Please browse around the other sections of the site, at your convenience. I hope you will find everything on the site to be helpful and informational. Please call or e-mail me today, so we can set-up an appointment to discuss your home needs.

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Over the years, I have compiled a WEALTH of information, and created various informational reports & analyses for our neighborhood. While these are not available on the site, I would be happy to set-up a FREE, no-obligation consultation with you to review and discuss the information.  If you are thinking of listing your home for sale, I highly recommend we meet before you list your home for sale with anyone else! Please contact me today to set-up an appointment!

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