Interested in a Home For Sale?  CALL US FIRST!!

Have you ever driven past a home for sale, or saw a great home while browsing on-line, and immediately reached for your phone to contact the listing agent?  You’re certainly not alone; many people have done so.  It’s a natural response, but beware, it’s not necessarily in your best interest to do so!

There are a variety of reasons why prospective home buyers believe contacting the listing agent directly is preferable. Here are some reasons why you’re better off contacting us instead:

  • WE are YOUR advocates!  Many home buyers mistakenly believe that they can get the “best deal”, or things will go smoother, by communicating directly with the listing agent. Unfortunately, what they fail to realize is that the listing agent is charged with looking out for the seller’s best interests, not theirs! As far as the buyer is concerned, at best, the listing agent can only serve as a dual agent (essentially, an impartial mediator between the two sides), NOT as their advocate. YOU need an advocate, and we’re ready, willing and able to help!
  • There’s NO COST TO YOU!  In nearly all circumstances, the buyer’s agent is typically compensated by the seller at closing. As such, you get the benefit of having us working for you, and serving as YOUR advocate and advisor, at NO COST TO YOU!
  • Our Mission is to ALWAYS be a Blessing to Others!  For various reasons, most often “not wanting to waste anyone’s time”, some home buyers are reluctant to “commit” to working with a particular agent, especially early in their home search process. They bounce around from agent to agent (often by contacting listing agents for different homes), but in the process, miss out on MANY benefits of working with THE RIGHT agent from the start. Please see our “Buyer’s Information” and “Testimonials” pages to learn more about how we are Different By Design, and why you will have THE BEST home buying experience working with us!
  • NO PRESSURE!  We don’t pressure prospective buyers to sign a written buyer agency agreement up-front, in order to view homes for sale. We’re confident that once you spend some time talking and working with us, you’ll recognize our commitment and professionalism that sets us apart.
  • Professional Guidance EVERY Step of the Way!  We will work diligently as YOUR advocate, helping successfully guide you through the entire home buying process, from help obtaining financing, all the way through closing. Please see our list of services typically provided to First-Time Home Buyers and Experienced Home Buyers.
  • We Make a Charitable Donation on Your Behalf!  As mentioned in our Mission Statement, Homes with Heart® Real Estate, Inc. is committed to helping our clients AND the community, AT THE SAME TIME! We donate 10% of our commission from each sale* to the IRS-recognized 501(c)3 charity of our client’s choice, in their name(s)!
  • IN SUMMARY...IT’S A “WIN-WIN-WIN” EXPERIENCE FOR YOU!!  You have a GREAT home buying experience with us; you successfully purchase your dream home; and you have a donation made to a charity that is personally important to you, at NO COST to you!!

Please contact us today, so we can get you on the path to being in your new home ASAP!

*Unless disallowed in conjunction with distressed home sales (short sales, foreclosures, etc.)